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High Temperatures

Compatible with high Temperature ICP accelerometers

Simultaneous channels

Simultaneous vibration channels for advanced vibration studies.

Wired Installation

Connect the accelerometers to the Online system by cable. More stability and safety.

Parameter Process

Count on additional 4ch or 8ch compatible with 4-20mA for temperature, pressure, flow, i.e

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With the adoption of Pacifco, we have been modernizing the company and preparing for the new demands of Industry 4.0. That is a fantastic tools to manage the field team and assets, giving an overview of the work with just a few clicks.

Vinicius Franze


With the Bluevib for assets wireless monitoring, we had 130% of return on investment already on the first 3 months of deployment and remote services.

Paulo M.

05 Mar, 2019

With iOMvib, we have reduced costs, time optimization and increased asset reliability. We have achieved 55% reduction in preventive maintenance and payback in just 3 months.

Tiago Rodrigues

Brasil Foods

The acquisition of iOMvib was essential in predictive maintenance implementation and reduction of costs, improving management and reducing downtime.

Wilson da Silva

15 Feb, 2019

Great tools for corporate management of rotating machines. Highlight for the cloud access of any plant of the industrial group.

Luis Moretti


Work in real time connected to your assets

Machine Learning

Our lgorithms learn, analyze
and suggest the most likely diagnostic.

Rapid notification

If any issue is observed you will be instantly notified by push notification.

Humber Specification

Get all the technical specifications right here.


Model: Humber 4 or 8 channels

Dynamic Channels
No of Channels: 4ch or 8ch, simultaneous
Coupling: ICP interface or AC, jumper configurable
Measurements: Velocity, Acceleration, bearing Demod
ADC: 24 bit
Sampling Rate: 64Hz to 102.4kHz
Bandwidth Ranges: 0.5Hz–25Hz to 0.5Hz–40 kHz
Data Block Lengths: 64 to 250,000
Spectral lines: up to 51200

Process Channels
No of Channels: 4ch or 8ch, multiplexed
Ranges: 0 to +3V and 0 to +10V, jumper selectable
ADC: 16 bit
Sampling Rate: 64Hz to 25.6kHz
Bandwidth Ranges: 0.5Hz–25Hz to 0.5Hz–10 kHz
Data Block Lengths: 64 to 250,000
Spectral lines: up to 51200


Available Functions: external trigger, tacho speed, ordered data (by phase-lock-loop), gated acquisition, pre- and post-trigger delay to 32768 samples


Processor: ARM9
Memory: 16MByte SDRAM, 32-bit wide (4 channel)
Memory: 64MByte SDRAM, 32-bit wide (8 channel)


Network (LAN): 100BaseT ethernet CAT5/6 cable*
Network (WLAN): 802.11b/g/n WiFi compatible, FCC and IC certified
*Ethernet connection available only on Humber 8 channels version
Speed: up to 54 Mbits/sec


Op. Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC (-4ºF to +158ºF)
Compliance: CE, RoHS


Enclosure: die-cast aluminium, NEMA 4, IP66, external antenna
Dimensions: 36cm (14.2”) x 16cm (6.3”) x 9cm (3.6”)
Weight: 3.2kg (7 lbs) approx
Cable Entries: 12 glands, IP68 rated
Cable Diameter: 3mm to 6.5mm


Battery Input Power (battery); 2 x LSH20 cells (‘D’ size)
Battery Monitor: internal battery monitor with critical level shutdown
External Power Supply: DC power, 10-30Vdc

Compliance (Wireless)

FCC CFR47 Part 15(c)
IC RSS-210
ETSI EN 300 328 V1.8.1

Download Humber Datasheet